Lina Iris Viktor


The magic of social media is to discover new entities, artists you would never know in any other way. Lina Iris Viktor is a good example of that. I fell in love with the vivid colours she uses, have been drawn to the strength of the character she paints. The golden sheets (real ones btw !!!) she adorns them, speaks to a lot of art collectors for the high spec and the beauty of her work. 


The figures she portrays are filled with pride. The black pigments she covers them and the golds exhale a certain ''chaos'' and power.


24kt golden sheets surely itself is enough to attracts any art fan 


The link with african spirituality, and tradition is very strong too in her work. 


Definitely an artist to follow if you are an art lover and if you obviously have the funds to afford it. There is nothing wrong to keep an eye. Maybe one day we never know Lotto might knock at your door.